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Music, Art, & Soul Nourishment (Feat. Pics by Peter Cooper)

For those that weren’t able to join us on Sunday for GSRV’s Train Ride 2 Transcendence here are some visuals of the event! We’ll be posting video next week so keep your eyes peeled (what a gruesome phrase)

We’ll also be planning events like this throughout next year so keep checking in to see what we’re up to!


Train Ride 2 Transcendence | A Celebration of GSRV’s New CD

Concert Poster US Letter Size  Jpeg


Follow us at #trainride2transcend



Be Righteous,



Confessional 24: Macchiato Fueled Neurosis…and it’s Autumn btw

  1.  Right now I’m planning a large scale event to promote my new CD and I’m terrified that it will be a failure. Unfortunately I think that means I’m doing something right.
  2. I feel that to call myself a virgin would be offensive to people who haven’t had any sexual contact…but to say that I’ve had sex would be patently untrue.
  3. Having said that I suspect this blog would gain much more traffic if it was called “…And I’m Still a Virgin”
  4. After washing my hands in the lavatory I often lift my shirt to examine my physique. Vanity? Self-consciousness? Both.
  5. My work (artistic, professional, academic, or otherwise) seems to me to contain the undercurrent of my subconscious crying out “There are people suffering at this moment all over the world!” Whether this is depressing is completely besides the point.
  6. I don’t believe the above confession is to my credit.
  7. It’s taken me a full year to be able to say that I’m good at my job. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.
  8. I suspect the neurotic quality of these particular confessions is partially due to a macchiato I consumed today.
  9. I almost used “are” in the above confession before changing it to “is”.
  10. In spite of all the fears and neurosis of life…Autumn is absolutely beautiful this year.


Be Righteous,


Filmed Studio Session Nov. 17th



So on Sunday Nov 17th I’m playing a filmed studio session at Blue Light Digital Sound and I would REALLY love for you to be a part of the recording/performing process that night.

We need 25 people for an optimum night and with each ticket purchase you get a free DVD & CD of the night’s show!

So please consider coming out to support hand crafted music, without an audience I’m just a dude with a guitar…or something


Buy tickets at



Be Righteous,


Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal

download (1)

I haven’t recorded anything since I released my new CD 2 months ago. So I decided to brush up and record some songs written by some songwriting friends of mine, Schucks Road.

So here is my version of “Heart of the Country” by Schucks Road (video courtesy of Pedro Sousa):


Be Righteous,


WARNING: If You Hate Brand New Hand Crafted Music Don’t Read This Post!

I recently released my latest CD called “Transcendence. Problematic.”

Click the Image Below to Download the new CD for Free!

Hear the New CD on Noisetrade.com

Hear the New CD on Noisetrade.com, CDbaby, and iTunes!


The title come from our culture’s obsession with self-help (i.e. politics, religion, tribes) as an escape which polarizes us from the world, rather than acts of compassion, connection, and justice which engage the world. and hopefully some of that comes through in the music.

But mostly it’s just me having fun musically. Sounds like edgy folk…Urban Folk if you will (if you won’t I don’t mind). Ben Folds meets Beck meets Jack White meets Prince.


Anyway if you like it feel free to give a shout out either here or on Facebook, Instagram, etc… I’ll be hosting a CD release celebration in the city very soon featuring multi-media artists creating different works based on the concept of the CD.

Listen, Buy, Share…Please.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…but lose sight of that somedays

  1. I worked 6 days last week which included three 12-14 hr days, I haven’t spent more than 2 waking hours with my girlfriend in the last 3 weeks, the CD that I’m attempting to finish is going to cost me about $1000 more than I thought it was going to and tomorrow I get to go back to work and this angers me.
  2. It angers me more that I feel so self entitled as to feel injustice when I have to work on my day off when there are a) people without jobs and b) people with jobs that get paid less and work more. It angers me that I’m considering spending over a $1000 dollars on making “art” while people starve around the world and feel compelled to complain about the price when I’m lucky to have that money to spend in the first place. I’m angered that even a 6 day work week with one day off is no excuse for not finding time for a relationship. I’m angered that I’m angered.
  3. I serve at a Chinese Restaurant. I was terrible when I began working there. I’ve gotten better. I can’t explain it.
  4. I actually can explain it. But at the moment I’m not going to.
  5. After experiencing the malcontent of wealthy patrons on a busy Saturday night I’m not surprised at the amount of war and poverty that’s in the world. I’m surprised there isn’t more.
  6. I grew up assuming that I would need to draw upon the strength of others in order to function and survive the life given me. I realize now that more often than not I’m required to be the strength which others draw upon. But I don’t know if I’m much good at it. And I don’t know if I’d want to admit it if I was.
  7. I judge people with bumper stickers. Not for the content of the sticker but for the sticker itself.
  8. I’m not always this negative.
  9. I’ve never had a cavity.
  10. I’m relatively strong but absolutely weak. I think that sums up the non-comital anger fueled melange of arrogant humility found in this set of confessions.