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Music, Art, & Soul Nourishment (Feat. Pics by Peter Cooper)

For those that weren’t able to join us on Sunday for GSRV’s Train Ride 2 Transcendence here are some visuals of the event! We’ll be posting video next week so keep your eyes peeled (what a gruesome phrase)

We’ll also be planning events like this throughout next year so keep checking in to see what we’re up to!


Filmed Studio Session Nov. 17th



So on Sunday Nov 17th I’m playing a filmed studio session at Blue Light Digital Sound and I would REALLY love for you to be a part of the recording/performing process that night.

We need 25 people for an optimum night and with each ticket purchase you get a free DVD & CD of the night’s show!

So please consider coming out to support hand crafted music, without an audience I’m just a dude with a guitar…or something


Buy tickets at



Be Righteous,


3 ways GSRV has been anticipating his new CD this Month

A few days ago I sent the final mixes of my new CD, “Transcendence. Problematic.” to Dave Locke at JP Masters for mastering. In addition to the impending CD release party I’m also planning on filming at least 2 music videos within the next 2 months to promote the new CD.

For those of you that are curious as to what I’ve been up to over the last month concerning the new CD, I figured I’d list a few recent adventures of GSRV Music.

1) Living Room Concert Series

I played a show in one of my fan’s living room every week of February…and it was awesome! It was a lot of fun to be able to hang out with my listeners and talk about the music (or other subjects that popped into our heads). Check out some of the highlights below (featuring a guest performance by the very talented Deanna Frederick):

2) Recorded a Song for the Academy Awards

I went to school in NYC for acting…so the Oscars were kind of like the Super Bowl for acting students. But this year rather than watch the Oscars…I decided to write and record a song in their honor:

3) Played the Goodbye Blue Monday With a Bunch of Friends

It’s always fun to play a gig with as many friends as possible. So at the very beginning of the month I played a show in Brooklyn with Schucks Road, Michelle Ferriera, and Around August. It was a great time and I got to play with my brother David who is releasing some great music of his own recently:

So What’s Next?

I’m glad you asked!

I should be sending the new CD out for production by next week and then I’ll start planning a CD release party.

Keep your eyes open and your ears clean for updates on “Transcendence. Problematic.” so you can get your hands on some of the hottest new music out by GSRV Music!

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard the single from the album check out the music video below…and if you dig it, share it on FB, twitter, wordpress…and whatever else you use to tell your friends about stuff.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

GSRV Music Home Page

Facebook Page

Confessional #10: …And They Are Not Me

  1. I am not Moses.
  2. I am not Bono.
  3. I am not Cornel West.
  4. I am not Rob Bell.
  5. I am not Ricky Gervais.
  6. I am not Charles Bukowski.
  7. I am not Marco Pierre White.
  8. I am not Woody Allen.
  9. I am not Seth Godin.
  10. I am not Jean-Michel Basquiat


Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


It’s Been So Long…Well Kinda (feat. New Music Video)

What to write, what to write, what to write?

I’ve been sitting at my desk…

trying to decide how to articulate my thoughts on this new song and music video but to no avail.

As Heinrich Zimmer said,

“The best things cannot be told, the second best things are misunderstood…”

I have a feeling my lack of articulation results more from my lack of ability than from this song being “the best thing”…but who knows, maybe you’ll disagree. Hope you enjoy this new music video starring the very talented Samantha Joy.

and here are some pics of Ms. Joy and I during the shoot:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

Hip Without Frontiers…Feat. New Music Video


If you’ve resided anywhere near Brooklyn in the last 10 years, you’ve encountered them, spoken with them, maybe you’ve even become one of them.

The flannel garbed, Elvis costello glasses wearing, trend-topping, gentrifying, kings and queens of irony have long been seeking increasingly trendy shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by infiltrating once low income housing areas.

Replacing colt 45 and gangsta rap with cans of Blue Ribbon (hipster drink of choice) and folksy post – Simon and Garfunkel music…by 2008 when I arrived in the City…Williamsburg had flourished into a safe haven for all those with a deep appreciation for appreciating before it became mainstream.

I wouldn’t say that I had anything against hipsters…they were always somewhere else. Sometimes wandering into the island of Manhattan but never too long…just long enough to be ironic.

Then this summer I came home to the Jersey Shore

The Real Jersey Shore

Well it had been a few weeks of hanging with friends at home when I began to realize a familiar pattern was being donned by the locals, and the smell of Blue Ribbon was in the air, and…could it be? IT WAS….

SIMON AND GARFUNKEL wafted through the doors of what were clearly…HIPSTER BARS!

Well in true hipster fashion I must say that I wrote this song about hipsters BEFORE I knew anything about hipsters being here at home. But no matter the time or place I hope you enjoy this new song and new music video I put together with my brother David and 2 of my oldest friends Jordan Whilden and Cheryl Mowczan

Dedicated to all hipsters everywhere:

Well to make a long story short…they’re here. Hipsters have immigrated to the Jersey Shore and have no intention of leaving their new ironic haven.

To be honest they may have been here all along and I was just too blind to see it. Too ignorant…or in denial of my home becoming Hipsterville 2.0.

But I guess compared to the alternative perception of NJ…

The Hipsters Can Stay As Long as They Want

P.S. New Album Coming Soon!

There and Back Again: Journey to 125th Street

Last weekend, March 10th 2012 to be exact, I embarked on a journey which I had anticipated for a long while (or at least for a few months or so).

I realized that since my freshman year of college I had not explored the city nearly as much as I could have. To make up for wasted time I decided that it would be highly satisfactory to

venture from the southern tip of Manhattan to 125th Street in Harlem on a single day.

To do so alone was possible, but not desirable. To make such a journey on my own was robbing myself of the spontaneity another individual can bring to an adventure (not to mention robbing them of a highly enjoyable excursion).

That individual was Ian Cherry.

I was to leave very soon for a far away land called Orlando. So with a fellow adventurer chosen the date was set for the day before my departure.

The Starting Point: 106 Fulton Street

The Destination: The Apollo Theater on 125th Street

Thusly (< not a word by the way) on a sunny Saturday morning, 36 degrees Fareinheight, we set out for what was to be about a 10 mile walk.

We began along the West Side. We had previously walked from Chinatown through the East side to Union Square (that time I walked barefoot) so we decided it would be nice to change it up a bit.

We had a lovely but fairly uneventful walk when we arrived at Houston Street and began our eastward journey to our first stop.

Katz’s Delicatessen.

Now many of you probably know Katz’s from various films across the years. Some of you may frequent from time to time or maybe even…frequently. Founded in 1888, it claims to be the best Deli in New York. But I have a confession to make.

I was skeptical.

I mean $15 bucks for a sandwich is a tall order. Or at least it better be a tall order if you’re paying $15 bucks for it.

Nevertheless we trekked East across the island in search of a pastrami sandwich worthy of 15 green bills. And you know what?

We found it.

First off, when you walk into Katz’s, it’s like walking onto the floor of the Stock Market Exchange.

Or at least how I picture the Stock Market Exchange

if it involved life or death stakes when purchasing large quantities of cured meats.

You take a ticket a throw yourself into the throng that pushed its way into something resembling a line waiting to be served by the extremely efficient, extremely New York, deli-men. After getting over a brief moment of terror.

Only a moment.

I composed myself and ordered a pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard. No one else was ordering cheese so I abstained fearing a public flogging.


As soon as you order they give you a sampling of your order which first clued me in on a single fact.

Katz’s Pastrami is the most fantastic pastrami I’ve ever had in my life.

No cheese was necessary. It was moist, flavorful, and filling enough that Ian and I were quite satisfied sharing a single sandwich between the two of us.

On our way out we had a conversation with a gentleman of 70 years from Long Island who has been coming here every year since his father brought him as a child.

Filled with pastrami and historical affirmation we ventured uptown. But not too much farther. It was at this time that Ian suggested a sampling of the wares at

Mcsorley’s Old Ale House.

Founded either in the Mid or Late 19th century (sources conflict), it was one of the last “Men Only” pubs

Oh those Little Rascals…so cute and…oh wait…umm…hey guys…we need to have a talk.

It serves the same two beverages it has always served. Light ale and Dark ale.

I had a rough time choosing.

So we each ordered a dark and a light and enjoyed the atmosphere which can be described appropriately as Ye Olde New York. Thirst quenched and minds sharp we wandered uptown. But yet again, not much further uptown.

Abraco coffee shop

was our next stop right off of St. Mark’s. Abraco is very small

Seriously, Rhode Island would beat the crap out of it in a war. (The joke works better when discussing countries)

but it has the best coffee in NYC in my opinion.

So we ordered two Macchiato’s and an olive cookie (and two cigarillos which our throats later regretted…don’t smoke kids)

and were once again on our way uptown for our final stop for lunch…

Momofuku’s Milk Bar.

Now for those of you who just went into Clockwork Orange convulsions…sorry but I haven’t seen it so I got nothing for you.

But the ice cream featuring corn flakes was delectable. Ian and I had a nice talk with a woman and her dog. All 3 of us being dog owners

or one of us being dog owners and the other 2 (Ian and I) being the children of dog owners but in actuality masquerading as dog owners

we bonded. Over dogs. Ok enough of this shocking news.

Ian and I then made the decision to actually do some serious walking. And serious walking we did.

We made our way West to the Chelsea Highline to walk the former subway track-turned public park and discussed a wide variety of subjects from:

things that made me smile

to advertising

We took the West Side highway and began to feel our weak first world bodies sweat. But we kept on.

And saw…


and this

this too…

till we finally reached Morningside Heights as the sun began to set.

Creepily watching children slide down banisters…is it still a banister if it’s outside?

Following a short trip through the Columbia Campus and feeling like we made a terrible mistake in not attending a school which has such a beautiful campus…

we felt our near victory as the sun set over the streets of Harlem.

texting our near victory to my mother and girlfriend (not the same person don’t worry)

We stopped in at Africa Kine for some Senegalese Dinner (excellent stuff if you ever get a chance to go).

And with full stomachs and sore feet we reached our destination…

The Apollo.

Filled with pride, food, and a newfound appreciation for New York City our next course of action was clear.

Take the subway home.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V