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Confessional 23: Rest is More


1. I feel exponentially better when I wake up before 9am.

2. There are conditions to the statement above.

3.Cold showers almost always induce arousal rather than lull my libido.

4. I miss certain people every week.

5. There are days when I fantasize of hopping a train, plane, or nearest mule…and finding somewhere remote to live for a few months.

6.  There are times when taking calligraphy seems like a good idea.

7. These times are not often.

8. Whenever I’m not working there is an underlying fear that this free time will be found out and forcibly taken from me.

9.  Last week I took my first real Sabbath in months and it was glorious.

10. It was also difficult.


Confessional #8: Soup Kitchens, Cold Showers, and Psuedoarthrosis of the right clavicle

  1. I find it disappointing to consider that most people I know have exulted the purpose and spent significantly more time at poorly performed high school plays than at soup kitchens.
  2. I find it more disappointing that I am included in the previous observation.
  3. I end every shower I take with 30 seconds of cold water.
  4. I find cuddling to be a primary benefit of a romantic relationship
  5. I still have my first stuffed animal. His name? “Brown Bear”. He is a brown stuffed bear.
  6. I was born with psuedoarthrosis of the right clavicle.
  7. I’ve had 2 sets of stitches. One due to a bike race accident. The other due to a street hockey accident. Accidents happen.
  8. I have Spanish, English, Irish, Lenape, Dutch, and German blood in my veins. So I’m told.
  9. I get my best work done between 8am and 2pm
  10. I’m writing this at 5:12pm

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V