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Confessional 24: Macchiato Fueled Neurosis…and it’s Autumn btw

  1.  Right now I’m planning a large scale event to promote my new CD and I’m terrified that it will be a failure. Unfortunately I think that means I’m doing something right.
  2. I feel that to call myself a virgin would be offensive to people who haven’t had any sexual contact…but to say that I’ve had sex would be patently untrue.
  3. Having said that I suspect this blog would gain much more traffic if it was called “…And I’m Still a Virgin”
  4. After washing my hands in the lavatory I often lift my shirt to examine my physique. Vanity? Self-consciousness? Both.
  5. My work (artistic, professional, academic, or otherwise) seems to me to contain the undercurrent of my subconscious crying out “There are people suffering at this moment all over the world!” Whether this is depressing is completely besides the point.
  6. I don’t believe the above confession is to my credit.
  7. It’s taken me a full year to be able to say that I’m good at my job. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.
  8. I suspect the neurotic quality of these particular confessions is partially due to a macchiato I consumed today.
  9. I almost used “are” in the above confession before changing it to “is”.
  10. In spite of all the fears and neurosis of life…Autumn is absolutely beautiful this year.


Be Righteous,



Confessional # 16: The Wretchedness of Humanity is Inside of Me. (And so is Urine).

  1. Every time I drink coffee I have to remind myself that in 2+ hours I may feel guilty/paranoid and that nothing will actually be wrong it’ll just be that I drank coffee 2 hours ago
  2. Rapists and serial killers are dangerous and frightening in their own right. But I presume (perhaps wrongly) that everyone (almost without exception) is aware that rape and serial murder is wrong (or at least legally culpable). To me the wretchedness of humanity is more terrifyingly displayed on the comments section of youtube. The debased personality and potential for degradation that men and women hold is exhibited more potently in the unsmiling face of a customer who throws a grand sense of middle class entitlement into a retail employee’s smiling face (or the retail employee who throws the same sense of entitlement into a customer’s wallet). Yet nowhere do I feel the wretchedness of humanity more keenly than when I lose patience with the quality of food, shelter, health, employment, education, friendships, transportation, and countless other freedoms and privileges to which I lay claim. Because in the grand scheme of things, I’m blessed to have those things at all. Nevertheless, I allow myself to feel frustration about (and sometimes complain about, which is worse!) these blessings. The wretchedness of humanity is inside of me.
  3. I find malapropisms funnier than almost every other form of humor.
  4. After a day of consumption…consumption of food, film, music, literature, etc…I am sometimes struck with fear that those things which I’ve consumed for pleasure, recreation, and ego (under the guise and rationale of education) could have been better utilized for the survival of those less fortunate.
  5. I don’t like the title of “Christian artist”. (You can replace “Christian” with the belief or Avalokiteśvara of your choosing). The title encourages Christians to ingest the artist’s work without filter or discernment as to the actual truth of the work while simultaneously encouraging non-Christians to pre-determine the quality and content of the work before actual ingestion.
  6. On the other hand, for the sake of artistic/philosophic/human integrity I sometimes compartmentalize my Love for Jesus of Nazareth so as to make it appear less political and culturally manipulated…which subsequently seems political and culturally manipulated anyway, thus undermining my attempt at integrity.
  7. I like the new Taylor Swift song…the one that goes “Trouble, Trouble, Trouble” in the slightly distorted voice…yea that one.
  8. I think Azealia Banks is more talented than Nicki Minaj.
  9. My graduation was held at Radio City Music Hall
  10. To my knowledge (based on a combination of assumption and cursory conversations on the matter) there are 2 methods of post-urinary genital maintenance (The method by which the human male ensures complete transfer of urine from urethra to depository). The first consists of using the force of gravity combined with a gentle hop/shake of the entire body up and down. The second consists of gently squeezing the urethra. I’m a practitioner of the latter 2 of these methodologies.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V