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Music, Art, & Soul Nourishment (Feat. Pics by Peter Cooper)

For those that weren’t able to join us on Sunday for GSRV’s Train Ride 2 Transcendence here are some visuals of the event! We’ll be posting video next week so keep your eyes peeled (what a gruesome phrase)

We’ll also be planning events like this throughout next year so keep checking in to see what we’re up to!


3 ways GSRV has been anticipating his new CD this Month

A few days ago I sent the final mixes of my new CD, “Transcendence. Problematic.” to Dave Locke at JP Masters for mastering. In addition to the impending CD release party I’m also planning on filming at least 2 music videos within the next 2 months to promote the new CD.

For those of you that are curious as to what I’ve been up to over the last month concerning the new CD, I figured I’d list a few recent adventures of GSRV Music.

1) Living Room Concert Series

I played a show in one of my fan’s living room every week of February…and it was awesome! It was a lot of fun to be able to hang out with my listeners and talk about the music (or other subjects that popped into our heads). Check out some of the highlights below (featuring a guest performance by the very talented Deanna Frederick):

2) Recorded a Song for the Academy Awards

I went to school in NYC for acting…so the Oscars were kind of like the Super Bowl for acting students. But this year rather than watch the Oscars…I decided to write and record a song in their honor:

3) Played the Goodbye Blue Monday With a Bunch of Friends

It’s always fun to play a gig with as many friends as possible. So at the very beginning of the month I played a show in Brooklyn with Schucks Road, Michelle Ferriera, and Around August. It was a great time and I got to play with my brother David who is releasing some great music of his own recently:

So What’s Next?

I’m glad you asked!

I should be sending the new CD out for production by next week and then I’ll start planning a CD release party.

Keep your eyes open and your ears clean for updates on “Transcendence. Problematic.” so you can get your hands on some of the hottest new music out by GSRV Music!

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard the single from the album check out the music video below…and if you dig it, share it on FB, twitter, wordpress…and whatever else you use to tell your friends about stuff.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

GSRV Music Home Page

Facebook Page

Fortune Cookie: Fiddling Around on Chinese New Year Brings About New Song…

So after a very pleasant Chinese New Year celebration (I work at a Gourmet Chinese Restaurant)  I carried my Sake (Japanese I know but let it go) and rice stuffed self home and did the only logical thing I should have done at midnight…

recorded some fiddle!

My friend Brandon Pfeltz of Schucks Road sent me a tune that he and his musical partner Mike Perrie wrote together. They requested I lay down some violin for the track and I gladly acquiesced. So here it is for your musical enjoyment…so…enjoy!


Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

Graduating Adventures and Singing w/Bono (Kinda)

I Graduated From University Today.

I know.

Nevertheless, the weeks leading up to it have been fantastic. I’ve tried to soak up as much of NYC as possible this semester and the last few weeks have included some particularly great experiences.

Such as:

The opportunity to portray James Agee in a reading of the Agee/Evans project, a new play based on Agee’s novel Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, directed by Obie Award winner Rachel Chavkin.

Cock…No but really you should see it

Trips to museum(s)

Sunrise walks along the Brooklyn Bridge…did you go see cock?

A woman’s attempt to lead me in glossalalia


Boat Ride around the city

and Takoyaki

(A kind of savory octopus filled zeppole covered in seaweed and fish skin flakes…mad tasty…but seriously you should see Cock)

But one event in particular stood out in this week leading up to graduation which I’d like to share with you now.

Last Monday…

my friend Brandon Pfeltz invited me to a Glen Hansard concert.

Dis Guy

Hansard is an Irish songwriter famous for his work with his band The Frames, the folk duo The Swell Season, and the movie Once.

Brandon is a huge Hansard fan. He’s seen him 9 times and had recently gotten free tickets to a very small private set that Hansard was performing for about 40 people at the Living Room in the Lower East Side.

I, on the other hand, had never listened to Mr. Hansard’s music and Brandon felt that this would be a prime opportunity for me to become initiated into the musical world of the Irish busker.

He was right.

Personally, “folk music” has always been somewhat of a dirty word to me. Although I often love folk music…local (often working class) music that is isolated from the commercialism or elitism of mainstream music…the genre of “folk music” has always conjured in my mind the American variant of watered down blues and country music which has been Anglicized and intellectualized beyond recognition of it’s emotional and physical roots. No Soul.

So with Hansard sometimes being labeled as “folky” I was unsure of how I would respond.
Well, I have to say…

Loads of Soul.

Seated 5 feet away from Glen Hansard, I experienced one of the most beautiful, energetic, and intimate performances I’ve ever been to.

The room was electric (as they say…who are they?…I don’t know) , but not in a sharp way, more like a low buzz. Surrounded by his close friends (and possibly some family members), Brandon and I later realized we were some of the few members of the audience who were not friends or family of Hansard.

The Last Song

As the set was wrapping up, I felt very content. Pleased that Brandon had invited me to such a performance. Hansard asked us to join him in singing “The Auld Triangle”…the last song.

He then informed us that a buddy of his was going to sing with him.

That buddy, was Bono.

Now in living in New York, I’ve often tried my best not to express excessive excitement over celebrity sightings which occur every so often.

However, I must admit that I was pretty excited to be 5 feet away from Bono as he sang in a room not much bigger than my living room at home. (I quivered a bit…you ever quiver?)

Glen Hansard and Paul Hewson aka Bono

Afterwards I had the pleasure of thanking Glen Hansard for his set and asked if he would mind if I gave him my CD. He was very generous with his time and I think would have allowed for a longer conversation had I prepared anything beyond my simple…”uh…thanks.”

All in all, twas quite the way to end the semester.

And for those of you who are unsatisfied by written word and photographs, thankfully they were filming the performance that evening so I can share the performance itself with you. Enjoy.

Be Righteous,
~ G.S.R.V


Do you know what this is?

It’s a cock of hay…(but seriously, go see Cock.)

Pics from “The Bakery” written and directed by Brandon Pfeltz

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Pics from “The Bakery” written and directed by Brandon Pfeltz. I played Neil, the deranged villain. The mustache kinda gives that away tho doesn’t it?

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V