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Confessional 24: Macchiato Fueled Neurosis…and it’s Autumn btw

  1.  Right now I’m planning a large scale event to promote my new CD and I’m terrified that it will be a failure. Unfortunately I think that means I’m doing something right.
  2. I feel that to call myself a virgin would be offensive to people who haven’t had any sexual contact…but to say that I’ve had sex would be patently untrue.
  3. Having said that I suspect this blog would gain much more traffic if it was called “…And I’m Still a Virgin”
  4. After washing my hands in the lavatory I often lift my shirt to examine my physique. Vanity? Self-consciousness? Both.
  5. My work (artistic, professional, academic, or otherwise) seems to me to contain the undercurrent of my subconscious crying out “There are people suffering at this moment all over the world!” Whether this is depressing is completely besides the point.
  6. I don’t believe the above confession is to my credit.
  7. It’s taken me a full year to be able to say that I’m good at my job. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.
  8. I suspect the neurotic quality of these particular confessions is partially due to a macchiato I consumed today.
  9. I almost used “are” in the above confession before changing it to “is”.
  10. In spite of all the fears and neurosis of life…Autumn is absolutely beautiful this year.


Be Righteous,



Confessional 23: Rest is More


1. I feel exponentially better when I wake up before 9am.

2. There are conditions to the statement above.

3.Cold showers almost always induce arousal rather than lull my libido.

4. I miss certain people every week.

5. There are days when I fantasize of hopping a train, plane, or nearest mule…and finding somewhere remote to live for a few months.

6.  There are times when taking calligraphy seems like a good idea.

7. These times are not often.

8. Whenever I’m not working there is an underlying fear that this free time will be found out and forcibly taken from me.

9.  Last week I took my first real Sabbath in months and it was glorious.

10. It was also difficult.

Confessional 22: I am not in Egypt

  1. I am not in Egypt.
  2. I am not in Egypt.
  3. I am not in Egypt.
  4. I am not in Egypt.
  5. I am not in Egypt.
  6. I am not in Egypt.
  7. I am not in Egypt.
  8. I am not in Egypt.
  9. I am not in Egypt.
  10. As of 2:17pm August 21st 2013 I am not in Egypt. That’s it.

Be Righteous,



Confessional # 21: Instagram, nuff said. (Feat. FREE STREAMING of new collaborative project)

Instagram of me holding a copy of my new CD “Transcendence Problematic”. Details about CD release coming soon!

  1. I recently became part of the instagram universe. Forgive me…
  2. I find thinking of the world in terms of nouns and passive verbs to be problematic. I could go into why but I’d rather have a conversation with you* about it.
  3. Last year I recorded a post-punk album in a day based on Zeppelin III, classic comicbooks, and avante garde performance art with C.W. Cobalt and Bread Morton. It’s called The Forbidden Mansion of Doctor Salamander and is now available for live streaming here! It may not be your cup of tea. But that’s ok…that just means we didn’t make it for you.
  4. I enjoy kale enough to make a whole confession about it. I ate some 1.5 hours ago.
  5. Sometimes I feel like it would make sense to consensually have as many offspring as I can through as many different women as possible. Intellectually I know this to be unwise, irresponsible, and potentially deadly. But still.
  6. I think earrings make women exponentially more attractive. This may hold true for men as well.
  7. I’m working towards doing a split by December 31st 2013. Just because.
  8. I played fiddle for American-Folk duo Schucks Road’s EP release at the Bitter End on Wed. Check out their EP called “One If By Land” (feat. me on fiddle) on iTunes.
  9. Upon hearing that I was promoted to Asst. Manager at the restaurant I work at, my father responded “My condolences…” My father gets me.
  10. I’m in reality and redundantly very thankful to have a job at all…But Still.


*”you” is anyone who is reading this


Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

Confessional #20: Life Doesn’t Always Suck

  1. 2 weeks ago, at 3am the day I was to leave from NY to LA, I completed a CD that I’ve been trying to finish for about 1.5 years.
  2. I am in a constant state of flux between project based existence and a more “Zen” wash your dishes state of being. The completion of the CD pleased my project based self and consequently resulted in the first guilt free day off in about a year.
  3. I recently drove across country with a very dear friend of mine. It was soul nourishing.
  4. I run 5k 2-3 times a week.
  5. Southern California weather is fantastic…but I still love seasons too much to want that all the time.
  6. Hiking 6 mi down-6mi up at the Grand Canyon is the most difficult physical act I’ve ever done.
  7. I consumed nothing unpleasant in New Orleans.
  8. I have swam in the Shenandoah in West Virginia till it becomes the Potomac in Maryland, been caught in rapids, and had to run 3 miles back to town on the highway barefoot.
  9. In a few days I will have the newest GSRV album “Transcendence. Problematic.” in my hands and will begin to share it with others and hopefully do some soul nourishing with it.
  10. Life doesn’t always suck.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V

I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…but lose sight of that somedays

  1. I worked 6 days last week which included three 12-14 hr days, I haven’t spent more than 2 waking hours with my girlfriend in the last 3 weeks, the CD that I’m attempting to finish is going to cost me about $1000 more than I thought it was going to and tomorrow I get to go back to work and this angers me.
  2. It angers me more that I feel so self entitled as to feel injustice when I have to work on my day off when there are a) people without jobs and b) people with jobs that get paid less and work more. It angers me that I’m considering spending over a $1000 dollars on making “art” while people starve around the world and feel compelled to complain about the price when I’m lucky to have that money to spend in the first place. I’m angered that even a 6 day work week with one day off is no excuse for not finding time for a relationship. I’m angered that I’m angered.
  3. I serve at a Chinese Restaurant. I was terrible when I began working there. I’ve gotten better. I can’t explain it.
  4. I actually can explain it. But at the moment I’m not going to.
  5. After experiencing the malcontent of wealthy patrons on a busy Saturday night I’m not surprised at the amount of war and poverty that’s in the world. I’m surprised there isn’t more.
  6. I grew up assuming that I would need to draw upon the strength of others in order to function and survive the life given me. I realize now that more often than not I’m required to be the strength which others draw upon. But I don’t know if I’m much good at it. And I don’t know if I’d want to admit it if I was.
  7. I judge people with bumper stickers. Not for the content of the sticker but for the sticker itself.
  8. I’m not always this negative.
  9. I’ve never had a cavity.
  10. I’m relatively strong but absolutely weak. I think that sums up the non-comital anger fueled melange of arrogant humility found in this set of confessions.

Confession #18: The Futility of Productivity…and my Newfound Appreciation for Lasagna

  1. I go through periods of time in which I lack energy, focus, or desire to work on anything I categorize as “productive”…I sometimes experience guilt as a result of this lack of productivity even if I’ve gotten work done earlier in the day. But rather than encourage productivity, this guilt often leads to a paralyzing analysis of the futility of progress, an acute awareness of the passage of time, and makes me question the value of productivity at all. This eventually leads to a portion of time in which I sit and stare blankly allowing this nihilistic mood to pass. That happens sometimes.
  2. I didn’t used to like lasagna. I do now.
  3. Although I’ve seen images which could be labeled pornographic, I’ve never sat down (or stood up, lay prostrate, etc…) and watched pornography as it has come to be understood in our society.
  4. As a child there was a Christmas in which I requested Jasmine (from Disney’s Aladdin), and Mary Poppins (from…well obviously…) To my disappointment and enlightenment, I received 2 dolls/action figures of said fictional characters. Though I did not receive the actual individuals I requested, in hindsight I must admit that I am very thankful that I was not in a position to request female slaves at will.
  5. I’ve never been surfing on a board though I thoroughly enjoy body surfing.
  6. I’ve recently considered discarding my computer. I won’t though.
  7. I don’t even remember the last time I wrote someone a physical letter via the postal service.
  8. I read at least 3 chapters of the Judeo-Christian Bible almost every day.
  9. I used to be concerned that I would miss McDonalds in heaven. I imagine there must be at least a few grown ups who still feel such concern.
  10. I spent 10 minutes attempting to wrench a compelling confession for this last one. Didn’t happen.