A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Confessional # 21: Instagram, nuff said. (Feat. FREE STREAMING of new collaborative project)

Instagram of me holding a copy of my new CD “Transcendence Problematic”. Details about CD release coming soon!

  1. I recently became part of the instagram universe. Forgive me…
  2. I find thinking of the world in terms of nouns and passive verbs to be problematic. I could go into why but I’d rather have a conversation with you* about it.
  3. Last year I recorded a post-punk album in a day based on Zeppelin III, classic comicbooks, and avante garde performance art with C.W. Cobalt and Bread Morton. It’s called The Forbidden Mansion of Doctor Salamander and is now available for live streaming here! It may not be your cup of tea. But that’s ok…that just means we didn’t make it for you.
  4. I enjoy kale enough to make a whole confession about it. I ate some 1.5 hours ago.
  5. Sometimes I feel like it would make sense to consensually have as many offspring as I can through as many different women as possible. Intellectually I know this to be unwise, irresponsible, and potentially deadly. But still.
  6. I think earrings make women exponentially more attractive. This may hold true for men as well.
  7. I’m working towards doing a split by December 31st 2013. Just because.
  8. I played fiddle for American-Folk duo Schucks Road’s EP release at the Bitter End on Wed. Check out their EP called “One If By Land” (feat. me on fiddle) on iTunes.
  9. Upon hearing that I was promoted to Asst. Manager at the restaurant I work at, my father responded “My condolences…” My father gets me.
  10. I’m in reality and redundantly very thankful to have a job at all…But Still.


*”you” is anyone who is reading this


Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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