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15 Most Influential Fictional Characters in My Life

So these lists have been floating around Facebook as of late and you know how I love a good list so here goes:

15: Mary Poppins

Yes. The first of my 15 most influential fictional characters is a woman. What of it? I’ll tell you what…she could fly (or at least predict jet streams with frightening accuracy), command the respect of all anthropomorphic children’s toys, wear dirt like it’s sexy (btw it is), and oh yeah…she’s got the name Poppins.

14: Tuxedo Mask

Tall, Dark, and Handsome. In a weird anime kinda way.

13: Zorro

I’m sensing a masked theme here…

12: Batman

Kevin Conroy will always be Batman to me

11: The West Wing

If television characters inspire a 22 year old acting grad who’s currently recording music to consider going to Princeton for a Law degree to somehow win a Nobel Peace Prize and speak 3 languages…I count that as influential. Whether it’s wise or not is another story…

10: Gandalf

I may or may not use the family shillelagh as a wizard’s staff sometimes…

9: Cosmo Kramer

He inspired me to be a hipster before it began to gentrify neighborhoods…

8: Aladdin

Aladdin: Inspiring young boys to pursue scantily clad feminist Middle Eastern princesses since 1992

7: Bugs Bunny

Just watch this.

6: John Dorian

At one point around 2009/10 I became aware that John Dorian was weighing in heavily on my moral decision making…thank goodness I wasn’t a doctor at the time. (P.s. I’m not a doctor now either)

5: The Donut Man (Rob Evans)

So there was this guy. With a talking donut puppet. Who used the analogy of donut holes to explain atonement, though I don’t know if he ever addressed the penal substitutionary part. And he wrote songs. Still Curious? Bill Maher would have a good time with this one…

In spite of the bizarre culture shock which can easily result from such an introduction, in all honesty, The Donut Man had a lot of great messages of love, compassion, empathy, and his music rocked my 5 year old socks on. (I felt like socks off would be creepy)

4: Luke Skywalker

Some day that remote will fly across the room right into my hand…someday

3: Tommy Oliver

Picture says it all

2: Cory Matthews

While I never consciously thought of myself as a Boy Meets World fan…Cory was definitely at least subconsciously reinforcing any nice guy objectivism already working in my young pre-teen body.

1: Hey Arnold!

A bold kid…a bold kid.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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