A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Think Jazz is Dead? Check This Cat Out…

PJ Rasmussen

The 15 year old GSRV spent many hours playing drums in the basement of guitarist PJ Rasmussen and his bassist brother Andy. Whenever I hear “Bargain” by the Who or Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean” I can smell that room and it’s amazing to me where our paths have taken us.

After a few years of playing drums and singing rock and roll tunes with the very talented Rasmussen brothers, I began to dabble in recording some original songs I had written which eventually became my first EP “Under the Sun“. Meanwhile, PJ became more and more interested in jazz guitar and composition. Now PJ has always been a much finer craftsman than I, and since our basement jam-band days I’ve witnessed him grow as a guitarist and I’ve required his composing, arranging, and guitar playing services on multiple occasions when my own skills or time were lacking and I’ve never failed to be impressed. Well PJ is now releasing his first official album of original jazz tunes called “Adventures in Flight” and I want to encourage anyone looking for a fresh sound to check it out.

Here’s a tune he recorded recently called “I Retire From You”:

To hear more or find out more about the new CD check out PJ’s Official Website…and if you find yourself perusing some of his Pop tuneage you may just hear some vocals by yours truly.

In any case, keep two ears and an eye out for PJ Rasmussen and his new CD “Adventures in Flight”!

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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