A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Confessional # 12: Thoughts Thunk the Day After a Hangover

  1. When I’m full…I will be hungry again.
  2. When I build muscle…I still have to maintain it.
  3. When I come…I will still be aroused in the future.
  4. When I hang out with a friend, or my family, or my girlfriend…I will feel compelled to spend time with them in the future.
  5. If I quit my job…I will have to get another job.
  6. Generosity today…does not justify stinginess tomorrow.
  7. No matter how much I create…I will feel compelled to create more.
  8. I doubt that I’ll ever have a memorable day…as a direct result of sleeping in.
  9. Yesterday I was a mediocre human being.
  10. Time to do better.

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Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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