A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Confessional #5 and Concert Reminder: Title kinda says it all don’t it?

I’m still not sure how this photo is completely relevant. But I posted it anyway.

For those new to the game, check out the first confessional post here

  1. I eat pork and lobster
  2. I thank G-d every day for indoor plumbing
  3. I used to take Imodium before every live performance. I don’t do that anymore.
  4. After a steady diet of alt/rock, Barry Manilow, Miley Cyrus, and Kesha become “Alternative”
  5. It took me 18 years and 3 romantic relationships before I felt I understood the word “love” enough to tell my friends of 18 years that I loved them.
  6. I don’t remember growing up with any aspiring electricians or plumbers…considering I thoroughly enjoy electricity and indoor plumbing I find this to be disappointing and an oversight of North American education
  7. The day after power was restored to my house following a hurrican induced power outage I sat on the floor, in the dark, in my room…for 20 min. That is all.
  8. I consume at least one 7oz bag of spinach per week
  9. I slept on the floor of my closet for 4 years. I believe adding space to my room was the rationale.
  10. I would have no personal reservations in standing naked in front of millions of people…but I would probably question the moral implications of such an act.

P.S. Don’t miss GSRV Music this Thursday!

Just as a reminder, I’ll be performing alongside Schucks Road, Michelle Ferriera, and Around August this Thursday, Jan 31st at the Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, NYC at 8pm

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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