A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Confessional #4: Questioning the wisdom of this project at this point…but going ahead anyway

I’m considering switching up the confessional routine (or possibly posting once a week rather than every day) since the CD release is still at least a month away. However, while I continue here is a link to the first one

  1. I was never spanked as a child…I was usually substantially upset by my parent’s disappointment
  2. I respect and admire artists like Picasso, Mozart, and Daniel Day Lewis…but I prefer to consume Caravaggio, Bach, and Michael J. Fox.
  3. I like to think of these lists as categorical poems but in actuality recognize that they’re just lists.(While simultaneously questioning the definition of “poem”. This is followed by a fleeting desire to research and write about the what legally constitues a “poem”. This desire is then trumped by a combination of prudent time management/laziness and I move on to the next point).
  4. I’m more embarrassed by being perceived as trying to be cool than by actually doing something embarrassing.
  5. I never realized how over-privileged I am until I had only 11 cents in my bank account.
  6. I’ve extracted teeth from live human mouth’s before.
  7. I’m attracted to acting because it allows you to project and play with various aspects of your own personality (physically, psychologically, emotionally, etc…). Yet succesful marketing usually depends on emphasizing ONE specific aspect (or at least neatly packaged combinations) of your personality in order to create a product or service which consumers can get their heads around.
  8. If I could write something that combined the epic quality of Star Wars/Lord of the Rings, the coolness of Hey Arnold, and the snappy dialogue of Aaron Sorkin meets David Mamet, I would feel artistically complete.
  9. I wouldn’t actually feel artistically complete. I lied.
  10. When I’m in New Jersey I miss New York. When I’m in New York I miss New Jersey.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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