A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

“Transcendence. Problematic.” New CD Kickstarter Campaign

Click Here to contribute to GSRV Music’s Kickstarter

Who Are You?

My name is George Scholes Robson V, a.k.a. GSRV Music

What is this Kickstarter for?

Mastering and Duplication

GSRV Music’s 3rd album release is almost complete. Producing this new CD independently at my home studio has been an extremely rewarding experiences both creatively and economically.

However, there is still more to be done that I cannot do by myself. To make this CD radio ready it requires MASTERING. Mastering is a process which boosts volume, while cleaning/tightening up the overall sound of the album, creating a professional sounding project.

After the CD has been recorded and mastered, it must then go through replication or DUPLICATION.
Duplication is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the printing and copying of physical CD’s which are then packaged and ready for your listening enjoyment.

How Much Will These Services Cost?

All in all these services will cost around $900. After living expenses and monthly college payments, I’ll need a bit of help to have the CD ready for the end of January. I’m only asking for $500 to start off because if we don’t raise our goal amount within our set time then WE WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY FUNDS AT ALL.

What do I get outta this deal?

In addition to my personal thanks and gratitude, rewards will be given to those who donate $10 or more.


Once the CD has been mastered, duplicated, packaged, and prepared one challenge yet remains. Getting the word out.

Throughout the month of February I’ll be performing personal living room concerts which will be filmed and posted online in order to promote the new CD. Depending upon the success of these performances, these personal “house call” performances will continue throughout the year in addition to traditional concert hall venues.

With your help I’m confident we’ll be able to share the joy of this project to many people and to continue to create new art and encourage others to create as well.


Click Here to contribute to GSRV Music’s Kickstarter


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