A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Anti-poems (Poems that are too Shy like overweight children who make fun of themselves so that other mean kids can’t) and Meditations on being alive for another 24 hours and not regretting it…not without illustrations…pictures…with a camera…I didn’t draw them…I painted some…but not the images…the images in the images…photos…(Digital Photos taken on a Canon 7D…maybe)plus.

Dear lens, Joey cries
no one sees more clearly than ur uncle
1 Cor 13:12

a pear misshapen is easily repaired…a heart sown abroad is…um
eat it
Luke 14:26

a tube amp of any other paste would clean your teeth like Steve Jobs in a Crest commercial
Psalm 115:7

Self Explanatory…ish
Exodus 22:21

Genesis 9:13

Mugshots immunize against photoshop
idola try again later and maybe we’ll satisfy your metaphysical angst
John 4:14

Disney suffers no fool
fools yes…you think it knows ur name…it doesn’t
Walt knows thy names
Proverbs 25:20

Yes I’ll take the #2 with hamburgers instead of cheeseburgers and a side of deliverance from cheap grace and ugly health
John 11:6

sleepless bottle in a
blood flates in rhyme
Psalm 51:3

Hypocrisy is a the summation of Roulette
but not really
hang up and call the telemarketer back he was right the first time Matthew 6:28



AbstCan School of Art and Reproduction
Babies In – Babies Out
1 Cor 11:4


Autumn Drank my bonnet
which sucks…cuz I forgot to buy butter on my way to court
Isaiah 55:12

Simplicity in rigor…rigor in monolith
Lord, Have Mercy

In the morning. Post night. After dark. Before 2nd Dark. Before Food. After Eating. Before Worship. After Worship. During Sin. Dead in Silence. Life in Silence. Open Ende…
Romans 14:11

dove ease my roots
grease needed…waves for hire
Proverbs 31


Dirt sun I said,
Yes, it answered.
No, I said.
Capiche said the Son
Oh…I get it now…I never got it…never will…yes then.
Cool, said sun.
I let out a sigh
Luke 24:35

Sleep when you must. Refrain when wise. Drink full but prudently, everything in moderation. Even moderation. Create. Breathe deep and shallow and portion out Love unconditional, loVe in passion, lOve with compassion. and ignore this . < dot (it’s not over yet…and don’t let it)
Deut 6:4





Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V




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