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I Was Turned On By A Couple Today

Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon


It’s been awhile. In the last month (over a month actually) in which I haven’t been blogging I’ve been desperately trying to soak up every last inch of New York City before I graduate and head back home and begin the process of actually contributing to society…

Home…I live a rough life

I’ve been:

  • enjoying the last of my college classes
  • tryin to hit up the museums and food vendors I haven’t checked out yet
  • performing a read through of a new play based on James Agee’s novel Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
  • and just got done with a long weekend of acting showcases for agents.

In any case, at some point in April I wrote this short poem after a trip uptown and it’s since become a seed for a song that hopefully you’ll be hearing soon, so I’d like to share it with you now.

I Was Turned On By A Couple Today

MoMa (I was visiting, it didn’t seem to remember me)

Twists in her hair, compact, natural,

tho varied coloring


Wholesome lips a shade almost identical to the rest of her skin

Wide eye…her skin? her skin was tight, kind of like nutella

spread over a prodigious thought

That was she. He?

Thin. Black hair that was actually

probably brown. Skinny, not thin,

maybe a smoker now thinking about it

tho in the moment of my mind’s eye tobacco was anathema

Scraggly would be the wrong word.

Wistful? Closer. a Humble beard:

devoid of delusions of grandeur

but confident in its sleek toned mass

Pale, but in a cool way, earring probably

but irrelevent

I noticed her first (naturally),

her look to him

as he looked at the map

I looked away

I looked back…they kissed.

Her arm tugged on his (same height by the way)

one of those homey smushed kisses

where her upper lip expands over his (sensuously is the word, I think)

and her lower lip disappears in a melding

of hues and textures

I looked away.

afraid they might see

I was turned on by a couple today.

Not a lot, but a little.

I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote to you about it

Let’s kiss like that.

Copyright 2012 © by George Scholes Robson V

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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