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Behind in Life as a State of Being…and Casting a Show Just Cuz

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– Jack Bauer in Every Episode of 24

While the busy-ness of life has been hectic and my high school self would be terrified at such a future…I’m finally coming to grips with being behind in life as a state of being.

Now this isn’t to say I’m working all the time…

Far From It

But being ok with not having every single thing done on my Lifetime To-Do List by the end of weekend is not such a bad deal.

I’ve never viewed myself as a type A personality (and I still don’t). However, I have realized something recently:

When I’m busy…I get more work done.

For those of you who were completely unimpressed and “in the know” about this revelation (I’m sure there are many of you), I figured I’d share with you one of the things I was doing this weekend when I could have also been doing homework, or recording, or preparing for a mentoring session, or… you get the idea.

Casting The Gambler

Auditions started for The Gambler Thursday. If you haven’t been following, The Gambler is a show which I’ve adapted from Dostoevsky’s novel of the same name, and which I’m directing through a University-based theatre company this November.

The whole process has been a great learning experience. From putting together a production team (stage manager, lighting designer, etc…) to scheduling auditions. These pre-show responsibilities alone have been excellent teachers in delegation, organization, and chilling out amidst craziness. A big part of the “chilling out” part was really aided by having Deanna, my Assistant Director/Girlfriend (yeah I’ll let you know how that turns out) and Lizzy, my Stage Manager, doing so much prep work, helping me organize auditions, and clarify my intentions to my production team. Collaboration is definitely the name of the game right now.

The Big Picture

As an actor, it’s really easy to think of an audition as all about you. This self awareness quickly can lead to terror when we consider it as a selection or rejection of our entire personality and talent.

What was enlightening about being on the other side of the table is that…it’s all about what the director needs…and sometimes…he/she just doesn’t need us. And it’s our job as the actor to be indispensable. And to be ok with the fact that sometimes…we’re not.

There were plenty of actors that were really talented and who I really would’ve liked to work with. But I just didn’t need their specific talents for the project I was working on. But funny enough…the very day I cast my show…some of those same actors were approached by other directors and those actors were hired for jobs in which they’re specific talents were needed.

So Now What

Well now that I’ve written the script, cast the show, and assembled a production team…what’s next?

Rehearsals, Rehearsals, Rehearsals.

I’m terrified and excited to begin taking even more time out of the week to meet with a bunch of people in a room to read words aloud which will eventually be recited by memory to another group of people for their entertainment. Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

 Well trust me when I say…

It might be.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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