A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

P-Town…and Handel’s Serse

Cast of Something Cloudy, Something Clear at Capt. Jack’s Wharf in Provincetown, MA

As I write this I’m sitting in my hotel room listening to Handel and I’ve been in P-town preparing and performing in the Tennessee Williams Fest for almost a week now. The days seem to run together. It feels as though it’s all been one really long day, ranging from fun and fantastic, to exhausting and frustrating. As usual I’ve had the manic bi-polar reaction to artistic output throughout the week.

I hate all the minutiae and tediousness of commuting and prep work and trying to please the perfectionist in me and I ask myself:


This being, composing music/acting/anything that isn’t an easy straightforward boring desk job.

But also as usual, the very minute an audience is added to the picture…BANG…

ECSTASY!…Oops wrong picture…

That’s the one.

I start thinking, “This is wonderful, I could do this every day, this is such a beautiful day, I’m invincible! Leaping over buildings in a single bound!”

Either way, during both of these moods, one thing has remained constant: A warm familial support from the cast. I probably wouldn’t have been able to perform anywhere near the level I’ve been performing or continue to use my creative juices without the encouragement and support from the cast.

Two things make me work more than anything else…Anger and Encouragement. While Anger is excellent at getting me to produce, it can also become exhausting and paralyzing after the burst of creativity. Encouragement is a longer lasting and more stable catalyst for creativity and I’ve had no short supply of it here.

Aside from that, there have been some gorgeous days (such as the one in the photo at the beginning of this post) and I’ve had some wonderful time to skip rocks and pray and relax along the Atlantic.

and then in a few more days…on to the next project…



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