A deeper insight into the pottering of Mr. George, Mr. Scholes, and Mr. Robson.

Tyranny of the Urgent (and what I’ve been up to under fascist regime)

Booking gigs.

Pre-production for the play I’m directing in the Fall. (Get excited)

Recording my next album.

Ridding the world of poverty, cancer, and Kenny G.

 Dressed for World Domination

These are all things that are on my to-do list at the moment now that I’m free from school classes and a heavy workload. Free, finally, to unleash my creative powers on the world. Unhindered by the daily minutiae of scholarly life. So…wanna know which particular parts of my list I’ve been working on?

 *Insert Price is Right Music*

That’s right, none of em. Instead of working on these projects which are due date-less, I have instead allowed myself to slip into a period of slothfulness.

Now I should mention that I am currently suffering from Laryngotracheitis…

Don’t worry it’s just…Laryngotracheitis!

which is basically like strep throat with a different name. But I don’t think that’s sufficient reasoning to excuse slacking.

Having said all this, I’ve been taking part in some specific past times which I’d like to share with you in the off chance that you have a list of things to do and need distraction.

1) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Oblivion is one of most addictive RPG (role playing game) style video games one can get their hands on. It’s like if someone taught J.R.R. Tolkien how to make video games then injected it with…umm…some kind of addictive substance ingested by lightwaves via your eyes…I should’ve thought about that example a bit more.

Anyway, if you don’t happen to play video games very often and suddenly find that you want hours of your life sucked away in the most entertaining way possible…I recommend Oblivion.

 I mean, you can Walk on Water for crying out loud!

2) Jay Smooth’s Ill Doctrine

Equally as addictive as Bethesda Softworks’ video games, are the blog stylings of the New York radio DJ John Randolph, better known as Jay Smooth.

 If that’s not distracting I don’t know what is

Smooth posts videos on his blog, youtube, and bliptv discussing…well whatever he decides to talk about. Common topics include current events, politics, race relations, social justice, and most prominently and frequently: Hip-Hop

Jay Smooth is one of very few who is talking about hip hop in that passionate yet intellectual way that can remind us that hip hop is synonymous with current events, politics, race relations, social justice, and not just the commercial side which has distorted other art forms like jazz, blues, gospel, and rock as well.

For those who find Michael Eric Dyson too esoteric but still love insightful commentary on your hip hop…I recommend Jay Smooth.

I probably don’t do him justice with my description so here’s an example of his videos:

I’ve also been watching some movies and reading a book (a textbook!)…but I’m sure you have enough movies and textbooks to read without my recommendations.

Well, sooner or later I know I’ll get around to that to-do list. And to be honest I’m really enjoying decompressing by playing some games, watching some vlogs, and getting to the beach (that’s tomorrow’s mission). While I don’t advocate slothfulness or gluttony…sometimes I forget how useful it is to get your mind off your work and just chill out.

Then again I have a confession…

Writing this post was on my list…YES! ONE DOWN, WOO WOO!…

Ok…back to Oblivion…

I’ll get you one day Kenny
Be Righteous,
~ G.S.R.V

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