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NEW SONGS! Eschatology and Birthday Parties

So about two months back I wrote a song for short film put out by VuduPins Productions and directed by Brittany Neff. Regardless of the fact that the film had little to do with the end of the world, that’s what the song ended up being about.

Among Other Things…

Though I was completely unaware of Harry Camping’s apocalyptic prediction, I found it humorous that I had a song written just for the occasion.

So I hereby present the masterpiece written for the end of the world: ¿Es Cattle? Oh Gee!

I’ve been trying to come up with a segue to go from Eschatology to Birthday Parties…but alas I’m gonna have to settle for a non-sequitur:

Yeah…That’ll Do

So anyway about a month ago was my friend Niko’s birthday. Another friend, Alex posted a video of an improvisational song for the occasion. This led to two other friends (you don’t have to believe that I have this many friends) posting a video of Alex’s song as if it was their own.

Well then I couldn’t help myself…I immediately recorded and filmed my own Prince-inspired version of Niko’s birthday song to add to the list of covers. So I’d like to share this cover of Alex Levitt’s Birthday Song…that I pass off as my own in the video.

Be Righteous,

~ G.S.R.V


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